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Bob Odenkirk started by writing sketches for his junior high school classes.  Inspired by Monty Python, Bob and Ray, and The Credibility Gap, he went on to work in Chicago’s sketch comedy scene.  Professionally he has written for the TV shows “Saturday Night Live” (where he famously wrote “The Motivational Speaker” sketch, and “The Ben Stiller Show” (where he wrote the infamous “Manson Lassie” sketch)and then Bob went and created (and starred in) “Mr. Show with Bob and David”, which has been called “the American Monty Python”.  He’s also had a creative hand in creating Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! And The Birthday Boys sketch show on IFC.

Since Mr. Show finished production he has written, acted in, and directed many films and TV pilots.

As an actor, Bob has had memorable roles as the agent Stevie Grant on “The Larry Sanders Show”, the character of Saul Goodman AMC's “Breaking Bad”, and Director Alexander Payne’s Oscar-nominated film “Nebraska”.

Through it all, Bob has written comedy scripts and short essays.  Some of these have appeared in THE NEW YORKER, VICE magazine, and FILTER magazine, among other publications.  A LOAD OF HOOEY is a collection of these short pieces, and Bob considers it the “best thing” he’s “ever done”.