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What is “real life”? Is it the pain, struggles and moments where hope is in
short supply? Is it faith in a God we can’t see and hope for a future we don’t
yet know?

For acclaimed worship leader Lincoln Brewster, “real life” has meant all of
that and more. Born and raised in a small town in Alaska, Brewster’s childhood
in a broken home was perhaps a little too “real.”

It was an environment darkened by his stepfather’s violent behavior and
alcohol addiction. An environment from which Brewster and his mother sought
solace in music.

“My mom loved music and played with local bands,” he says. “She was the one who
inspired my love for singing and playing instruments.”

As Brewster bonded with his mom through music, he began mastering a variety
of instruments —including a stunning prowess on the guitar. It was this
incredible talent that caught the attention of mainstream labels, landed
Brewster a “gig” playing with rocker Steve Perry (formerly of the band Journey)
and earned him a mainstream record contract by age 19.

But God had other plans. After attending church with his high school
sweetheart and now wife, Laura, Brewster yielded his life to Christ. Filled
with a new passion and purpose, Brewster walked away from the promise of rock
stardom to take a job at his local church. This new trajectory eventually led
him to a recording partnership with praise and worship label Integrity Music.

Since that time, Brewster has performed and crafted songs that have helped
shape the sound of today’s modern worship while also climbing Christian radio
charts. These include global anthems such as “Today Is The Day,” “God You
Reign,” “Everlasting God,” “Salvation Is Here” and “The Power of Your Name.”

  • Lincoln Brewster