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Bailey Bryan, 18, grew up playing and singing on the streets in front of her favorite taco stand in the small town of Sequim, WA. She is a storyteller with words and melodies that capture her generation, but are wisely crafted beyond her years. While she may have country roots, her music is diverse and unique with wide-spanned influences from the Dixie Chicks to Drake to Red Hot Chili Peppers. She has opened for acts such as Macklemore and Sara Evans, proving to blur the genre lines and winning over audiences of all types.


At the age of seven, she met future publisher and mentor, Becki Devries of Kompass Music Publishing in Nashville, at a music worship service in Washington. Becki recalls,” I knew Bailey had talent even then, but when I came back to the island to visit family in the summer of 2013, I held a songwriting seminar that Bailey attended. It was then that I realized she had the whole package. Without any training at all, she was already an impressive songwriter at a really young age.”


Bailey signed an exclusive music publishing agreement with Kompass later that year, and began making monthly trips to Nashville to hone her songwriting craft. Bailey reflects, “I always jumped at the chance to sing and play my guitar in front of people, but when I started writing songs when I was 12, music became an even bigger part of my life. Being able to share my heart and experiences with other people through my music became my purpose and my passion”.


Shortly after Bailey relocated to Nashville, she inked a first-ever joint recording deal with Warner Music Nashville and 300 Entertainment out of New York. Her debut single, Own It, a dance-worthy, autobiographical anthem that encourages others to live blatantly and embrace their flaws, is available now.

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