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On this very scary Halloween of 2013, Big Business will be releasing their new full-length record "Battlefields Forever" on their very own record label that they built all by themselves, Gold Metal Records.


Members of the band are calling it their best album yet. Drummer Coady Willis calls his performance on the record "Stunning" and "An impressive show of force". Guitarararist Scott Martin says "Top notch, a real progression in the band's songwriting and understanding of the basic fundamentals of louder music". And bassist Jared Warren has been overheard exclaiming "…with extra sauce and pickles!". With this kind of internal adulation, how could this record be anything less than the best hamburger you've ever had? If you ask someone close to the band that stands to benefit by saying so, they're going to tell you that Big Business is sure you're going to be a real mess when you're done listening to it.


Battlefields Forever was recorded spring 2013 in the abandoned Beverly Hills mansion currently haunted by Jeff Goldbloom. It was recorded and engineered by Dave Curran and mixed by Dave Curran and Andrew Schneider. There was an empty pool in the back so there were a ton of skateboarder types pulling all sorts of crazy stunts and it was just a hell of a California-style party just like you see on T.V. There was even some stuff on the internet about the police having to come and "bust up the party" on more than one occasion. Yikes!


In addition to recording their new record, the band has been busy spearheading the Southern California "Gold Metal" movement. With a desire to inspire and with the backing of several hundred excitable and easily influenced paint huffers, Big Business has created a genre, nay, a social movement that has the potential to trick dozens, if not hundreds more into the fold. Won't you join them?